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I have two problems:

First, I have written a tapi driver which wont work on Windows 7 (works fine for XP). It seems to load fine, but soon as I try to use it (say from Outlook) I get a message saying an internal error occured.

So onto the second problem: I used to use one of __asm int 3; _debugbreak(); or DebugBreak(); so I could hook the debugger straight into the driver but none of these work anymore: I just get a dump created which if I load up, the exception is that a debug break occurred (sort of what I wanted....)

Does anyone have any ideas on the first, or any way I can hook in the debugger?


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Answer 1

Hi there.

This article might help


and make sure that Telephony service is started since it's in manual startup type. You can navigate there through administrative tools by selecting Component Services then to Services.

Also there is a distinction that should not be taken lightly between 32 and 64 bit systems, if that's the case. Everything should be compatible.


Answer 2


thanks for the link, but that part is fine. Service is running, I do see my driver  listed and can select it but as soon as I try to use it is when the error  occurs (so at least some parts must be working, namely at least TSPI_providerUIIdentify,TSPI_providerEnumDevices, TSPI_lineNegotiateTSPIVersion, TSPI_lineGetDevCaps...).

Yes, it's 32 bit tapi  2 - perhaps windows  7 doesn't support 2, anyone know?

Meanwhile, I've stripped the driver right down so that, basically, it doesn't do anything except minimum that tapi requires to think everything is ok  - just to eliminate any security possibilities - but no joy.

It seems that some functions are just not getting called


Answer 3


something about windows7 support TAPI2, this link will help you




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