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Tethering SamSung Focus WP7 to Windows 7

simple procedure: dial ##634# to get into diagnostic menu. dial *#7284# to change from syncing in "Zune" mode to:

"Modem, Tethered call"

But then, connecting to Windows 7 via USB:

1) it wouldn't load drivers.

2) changed back to Zune and connected via USB, it loads drivers (Zune drivers? Not modem). Then I disconnected and rebooted Windows 7 laptop... and changed back to "Modem, Tethered call" (reboots phone).

3) After multiple reboots, finally tethered again. It had no errors popup, but it does not seem to work.

What do I do to connect on WP7? All I see is wireless networks. Is there a trick?

Instructions say I'll see "Samsung Modem" in Connections, then I can click to connect.

Is there something I must do to get to where I can enter:



What is the process on Windows 7 to see this connection?

Dan Wygant


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Answer 1


I was having the same problem. I later found out that the instructions were meant for windows XP. For windows 7, you need to mannually download the driver from samsung:


Install that. Then go back to Device manager and reinstall the drivers. This time, point the driver to your load folder at "Program Files (x86)\Samsung\Samsung PC Studio 3\USB Drivers". Repeat that for two other devices that pop up during this process. Then you will see the samsung modem. Hope this solves your problem.



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