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TF270015: 'MSBuild.exe' returned an unexpected exit code. Expected '0'; actual '255'. !

Hi all,

I have upgraded from 2008 to 2010 . When I am running the buildscripts I am getting this error in the buildcontroller. No message or nothing is displayed in the log file .

I have simply VS 2010 professional, VS 2008  etc installed in my pc . till now didnt install any other tools .

Some buildscripts are running successfully . some not due to this error . I have been trying for a workaround for more than a week .

Is this a bug in 2010 ? If any one has any idea about this error please let us know




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Answer 1


How did you run the buildscripts ?


Best regards,


Answer 2

by Team Explorer like always y ?

ok this error comes in random days..some days all buildscripts are running ..some days i am getting this error at the end of the script , according to the mood of TFS :(

I installedhotfix  KB983504 &KB2275326.

all worked fine except today ... I ran the script with Verbosity level changing Normal & back to minimal

now the error is

TF270015: 'MSBuild.exe' returned  an unexpected  exit code. expected  '0'; actual  '1'.

if anyone having the same problem , say a word


Answer 3

Is there any answer for this ?

TF270015: 'MSBuild.exe' returned an unexpected exit code.  Can anyone explain atleast how this error occurs

I still couldn't figured it out. 5 hrs ago a build was working now its failing with this error in the end. there is no compilation error & nothing as such


Answer 4

In your build definition set the verbosity to verbose.  Once the build is complete you can view the msbuild output.

Answer 5

I see that you've run the build in Verbose mode. When you do that you should be able to click "View Log" and scroll down to the mSBuild command and look at it's log. Searching for "FAILED" in the MSBuild log should get you closer to the issue. The problem details you are reporting are very generic and do not provide enough details for me (or likely anyone else) to give a more specific answer. Read your log files and paste any relevant text and you may get a better response.


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