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TFS 2010 Branching Error on Label TF10169


I can't create a branch in TFS; when I try to branch the code in $/MainCode to $/BranchCode, using a label as the source, I get this error:

TF10169: Unsupported pending change attempted on team project folder $/BranchCode. Use the Project Creation Wizard in Team Explorer to create a project or the Team Project deletion tool to delete one.

Why would I need to create or delete a project? Both $/MainCode and $/BranchCode exist....... I don't get this.



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Hi bmains,

Thanks for posting the issue here!

Please perform the following and see if it helps:

In the your collection database, open the tbl_Version table and within this table you will find that these folders were referenced in the fullpath (ie if the folder was called ‘FolderThatWontGoAway’ in Team Explorer, then this was ‘$/FolderThatWontGoAway’ in the database. By simply changing the deletionId column in the row of this item to a valid deletionId value (value other than 0) the problem was fixed.

Hope it helps!

Best Regards,



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