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TFS CAL && WIOV && WSS Portal


Using TFS with WSS Portal.

Do Useres need a CAL for Team Portal (WSS)?

How to configure WIOV the right way? Server Permissions (WIOV), but user has to be a contributor to create WIs. So he can use a full client to connect...


I just some kind of Online Status report, where customers and bosses can look at. Only READ, no new items.

WIOV doesn't work because they only can see WIs created by themselves.

A CAL for just looking at the status report is tooooo expensive.


thanks in advance.


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Answer 1

You can use WSS without a TFS CAL as long as you don't touch data that is stored in TFS (such as the documents).

You can use the reports without a TFS CAL when somebody with a CAL exports it to pdf and sends it *manually* by mail to you.

You can use WIOV without a TFS CAL to create  new work items  and see the work  items you have created  yourself


In all other cases you need a TFS CAL


Answer 2


I was afraid about such an answer.


But for the WIOV I have to give users the Contributor permission.

Who is responsible for the abuse, if the customers  use a different client?

I don't wanna end up, giving customers access to WIOV for entering WIs and then ending up with a claim from Microsoft because they use Team Explorer to access data.


What about EMail alerts? Are they allowed for no CAL users?

Would be an easy way because there's no need for adding an account for the customer.



Answer 3

to avoid a user  to access data, you just have the deny the permission  "use full  web access features". see this post for more information see: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/serkani/archive/2009/12/31/how-to-enable-work-item-only-view-in-team-web-access-2010.aspx



About the email alerts i think that you can apply the same rule that Edwald said. If you send the email alert to a person who have the cal  license, this person ca manually forward the email to another person. 


The general rule is that you cannot use a software or a hardware to automatically extract data from whithin the tfs, but you can distribute static data manually. I think that you can do this as a pdf, a printed documment, os a email, but you cannot do this via a excel file that access the data directly from the tfs, because this wont be static data.



Hi TFS experts!

I have created a Team Project in TFS 2010 and the Project Portal in SharePoint 2010.

Now I need to create a WebPart to deploy in the SharePoint Site (Project portal) that connects to the TFS to get some information aboute the Project.

Where I can get the TFS Url that is associated with the Project Portal in SharePoint in order to connect to TFS and get what I want?

If I see the properties of QueryResultWebPart (Microsoft.TeamFoundation.WebAccess.WebParts) I see that the TFS Server is @default. If I get a reference of an instance of a QueryResultWerbPart I can see that the TFSNAME is "@default". So I think that in some place there is the URL to connect to the TFS

Any clues?

Thanks in advance.


So the Team Project Portal comes up with team web access, excel services or reporting services webparts. Now, do we need CALs to access that portal by execs or managers who may just want to see the burndown charts etc. from the portal. They wouldn't be editing any data or pulling queries.


We have a number of users that are currently on a full access cal and will be purchasing limited access cal's and want to move users to this.  How do we move a full access user to a limited access user cal?


We have purchased licensing for both SharePoint Standard and Enterprise CALs.  However, because of the cost of licensing our large number of users differing between the Standard CALs and Enterprise CALs, we have not purchased Enterprise CALs for all of our users.  All of our Enterprise CAL users will also have access to the Standard CAL farm, but not vice versa. 

However, we are not sure how to handle managing access to our Enterprise SharePoint Farm vs. our Standard SharePoint Farm.  Is there a recommended way to ensure that users with just Standard CALs are not able to access the Enterprise SharePoint Farm?



Is a CAL required to access TFS data warehouse/cube via EXCEL ?

Thanks !


I created a team project in TFS 2010 RTM choosing not to add a SharePoint based project portal at the time of creation.  Now a week later, we want the SharePoint project portal.  I've created the site based on a custom site template created from another project portal using Agile 5.0.  So far so good.  Then I wired up to the project using the Portal Settings menu in VS2010 team explorer on the project.  So far so good, in fact everything great.  Only thing is the project portal home page sits at 'default.aspx', which is blank.  It doesn't autoredirect to /Dashboards/ProjectDashboard_wss.aspx' like other (Agile based) project portals created during the intial team project creation. 

I should note we're on WSS 3.0 that came out of the box w/ TFS 2010.  If we were on MOSS, then I'd simply set the Welcome Page under Look and Feel.  WSS doesn't have that.  : (

I'm pouring over SharePoint designer of a working project portal w/ the redirect..but I'm not seeing anything.
The default.aspx for these sites has a <dsc:RedirectDefault /> control on it which is derived from the Microsoft.TeamFoundation.SharePoint.Dashboards.Controls namespace.  Could this be the key?  How to tweak?


Under TFS 2008 how can I  grant  a specific user read-only access to all Portals? (current and future). The user needs read-only access to SharePoint and Source Code control.







I have setup the Project Portal in TFS (The one that comes standard with the 2 Burn Rate graphics)  I would like to add some graphical reports of my own that present  further information about our project eg A list of tasks by assignee completed/active etc .

To do this, I need to have an understanding of the TFS data model and/or the views provided.  Is there any resource out there that provides T-SQL queries that I could use to generate some new reports, rather than  spending time learning my way around the Data Model.... ??





I have started bug/defect tracking in TFS.  On the Project Portal page within the Web version of TFS, the web part for Project Work Items Summary (to the right of the page) displays the number of bugs rased.

Further down the page is a default report entitled Stories Overview. There is a column in this report called Bugs which I would expect would show the bugs based on how they have been assigned; in my case I have assigned the Bugs to the correct Area and Iteration path. The problem is the report does not display the number of bugs in this column and I am not sure what I am not doing correctly to allocate the Bugs correctly; or the report query is incorrect.


Any suggestions ?


Thanks in advance



I've successfully installed the process template for VS2010 Scrum on our TFS 2010. And I installed the dashboard on the server. Now, I want to create a new Site Collection in Sharepoint before we do our next project using Scrum. But when I go to create a whole new Site Collection, the only choices for Template Selection in Team Project Portals tab are the Agile and CMMI Dashboards. There is one more under Custom tab but that is VSTS_MSF_CMMI.

Should I be able to create a new Site Collection that identifies Scrum under the Template Selection?

If not, should I create the new Site Collection with the TFS2010 Agile Dashboard?


Secure Store Service (SSS) on SharePoint is configured. All connectivity between TFS and SP works. Data source connection in Excel report is correctly configured to use SSS ID as configued in SharePoint. Excel reports work when viewed in the Portal. Clicking on "Open in Excel" while viewing report in the Portal launches Excel and the report loads but does not work and fails with the following error:

"Initialization of the data source failed.

Check the database server or contact your database administrator. Make sure the external database is available, and then try the operation again. If you see this message again, create a new data source to connect to the database."

Any idea what may be happenning? I've looked at logs and I cannot see what's causing the problem. I will double check the Excel Web Services logs to see if I can find something more.

Leo Vildosola - InCycle Software


I have TFS2010 installed on one machine and sharepoint portal on existing environment on another machine. I have developed Work ITem Custom COntrols for Web Access. How to deploy them to view in Work items through SHarepoint Portal, not through Team Web Access.

Please share me the deployment procedure for SHarepoint Portal.





 I have a project requirement where I need to integrate the TFS Team project portal (SharePoint site) and the Team Project in TFS. E.g- When a user creates a item in custom list in proj portal, it should create a corresponding work item in TFS with the task info mapped to certain work item fields. Similarly, when the workitem is modified and saved, the change should reflect back in task in Project portal.

 I came across the Migation Sync toolkit but I am not sure if it matches my reqmt (maybe I didn't fully understand it...). My approach is to write list item event recievers to create TFS workitem in flow 1 (Portal to TFS). I am not clear on how to execute custom logic on save of a workitem. I appreciate any thoughts on this





I am facing a strange issue with TFS 2008. I tried to view my TFS Sharepoint portal with TFSSETUP credentials, it worked fine.

But now when i see workspaces in my VSTS client, the workspace with my name as owner is replaced. The same workspace now has owner as TFSSETUP and i can not get my name back as owner. Also, it has added one more workspace by the name of my server.

Is there anyway i can get back to my normal operation mode !

Thanks in advance.



I cannot get the Task Burndown report on the Share Point portal to populate. The other dashboards show data so I figure I have most things configured correctly - warehouse, analysis service. I tried manually refreshing the warehouse by following the instructions at:


When I open the burndown chart in Excel nothing shows up in the date column even though I filter for the last month. For the other reports the date column also comes up blank but for the other reports data still comes back. Its as if the dates are there but just displaying. Anyway, If I add data by hand to the burndown pivot table then the chart comes to life so it just looks like the data is not getting populated. If I clear the date filter then I get some values for "Remaining Work" and "Completed Work" but they only appear below the 31 rows that actually are used to generate the report.

I'm running TFS 2010, SQL RC 2, and the full Share Point server... any help is appreciated...


Hi All,

My case:

1. Got a new machine (Windows 2008 R2 for TFS 2010 upgrade, i.e. our new App server): Installed TFS 2010 on it (with upgrade mode). Got TFS Database restored in a new SQL 2008 R2 cluster (from SQL 2005).

2. Installation/Upgrade/WSS3.0+SP2 etc things all looks good. Hello world standalone application is successful (as I installed (temporarily) TFS Build service on App server as well).

3. Now, While opening "Team Explorer" I'm seeing that things looks good but the following:

    - An "Existing" Project name called: Giga. In the current live environment, sharepoint site link for this project is: http://tfs.current.server/sites/Giga and it

      works fine. But, after the upgrade, this link on the upgraded machine is: http://tfs.new.server/sites/Giga BUT this link doesn't exist. Getting: the following

      error: "The Webpage cannot be found".

    - On the new upgraded machine (App server), when i visit: http://tfs.new.server/sites/DefaultCollection (AKA -

       http://tfs.new.server/sites/DefaultCollection/_layouts/settings.aspx) This page (with both links) comes up fine.

    - I created a new project: Giga_scm_tools in TFS 2010 upgraded machine. Sharepoint link for this newly created project (on upgraded machine) is:



Issue 1:

1.   Why the sharepoint site link for an exisitng project "giga" (which/whose database got migrated from TFS 2008/SQL 2005 ---to---> TFS 2010/SQL 2008 is still

      the same: http://tfs.new.server/sites/giga

      (I mean, I know the server in the above path changed, BUT why "DefaultCollection" which is showing up in the sharepoint site path for a newly created project is NOT coming/showing up for an existing/old project). Do I need to make any changes to tell sharepoint site central administration page/settings that "insert" "DefaultCollection" in the sharepoint site path for all the projects which got upgraded from TFS2008/SQL 2005 ---to---> TFS2010/SQL2008 ?? or what.

2. Reports Server site's main page "path" on existing/live TFS server is: http://tfs.current.server/reports and its working fine. The same on the new machine (TFS2010) is "same" and running fine too. BUT, in Team Explorer, under project "giga", I'm seeing some new reports names which are different than the reports that show up in Team Explorer (if I use "tfs.current.server" as my TFS App server). In current tfs server, I used "Scrum v2.2.x.x" for "giga" project creation.

Does this mean that I need to install "Scrum" on the new tfs server as well? to get or see the same "reports names" in Team explorer (whose TFS app server is "tfs.new.server")???? Why the reports didn't get upgraded/carried to this project when TFS got upgraded to TFS 2010 / SQL 2008    (from TFS 2008/SQL 2005).


Kindly advise.


Arun Sangal







I have several team projects in my collection, in the root folder of site, i need to show a summary of all project, merge calendars and all works items for all projects.


it's possible?


As a TFS user, I can configure email alerts from within Team Web Access but for WIOV users they do not get the Team Project menu under Settings. Can email alerts be configured for WIOV users (TFS 2010)?


Why are the WIOV users not able to subscribe to the basic email alerts by themselves? 




I've upgraded my TFS 2008 install to WSS 3.0. The server was originally a TFS2005 installation but got upgraded to TFS2008.When the installation took place it only created one more database, wss admin content. Sharepoint seems to have upgraded fine, but my TFS 2008 installation portal is now in a flux.I cannot create new projects or open portals from the Team explorer... nor can my developers! i'm really up against it here as it doesn't look like I can roll back.

I was expecting a new config db and a new contents db with all the references, but no... it seems to be continuing to use the 'STS_config_TFS' database with the references to all my current sites still in the old 'STS_content_TFS' db, even though the prescan ran fine and seemed to note all of the sites in an .xml file....

I bascially think the references of the sites in 'STS_content_TFS' needs to be put into the new content database. Can anyone tell me if this is correct? i'm not entirely sure where I need the data to be.   Do I need to remove the content database in Sharepoint and attach it to the old one? or is there a command line util like TFSConfig I can run to get the new 'WSS admin content' database with the references to my TFS projects!


This is really urgent, all help much appreciated as i'm in a real jam.




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