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toolbox visual C# toolbox not accessible

I have installed Visual C# 2008 on my computer and everything seems to be fine apart from one problem that I can't seem to solve no matter what I do. I was hoping that someone can perhaps help.

The problem is that I try to choose toolbox items (from tools tab) it gives me an error message on the .NET framework components tab...'an error occurred loading this property page'.
Also when I access the properties window through 'view' the properties page seems not to be complete with certain icons not there (such as AZ alphabetical sort, events, categorized etc).
I have tried reinstalling .NET framework(dotnetfx35.exe), updated it, reinstalled C# but absolutely nothing works.

Please give me some advice if possible

Kindest regards


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Answer 1

Sounds like the problems Visual Studio 2005 had sometimes.
Try running the command "devenv /resetskippkgs" or "devenv /setup".


Answer 2

Thanks for te input.

It does however not work. I think the problem is maybe more deep rooted somehow.



Answer 3



I am having a problem.  I cannot drag and drop win forms from toolbox to spreadsheets.  I have done everything thinkable to try to get this to work but nothing seems to work.  I have been told i need to reinstall and have spent hours reinstalling and testing and checking.  I can add buttons, ect from code but not drag/drop. 

 I reinstalled or repaired

VSTO runtime 3

Microsoft Office 2003

VS 2008 & SP1

the win forms controls still do not appear in the toolbox as active. 

please help

This is probably the wrong forum now that Visual Studio is RTM, but I couldn't locate an updated forum.
Visual Studio 2008 RTM Visual Basic "Choose Toolbox Items" works properly running on Windows Server 2003, but fails with an unhandled exception error running on Windows Server 2008.
Is anyone else having the same problem and is a fix available ?
Thank you.
Robert Robinson



Just installed and testing Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition. Upon instantiating object of any class using New keyword, consistently recieving this error:

"Overload resolution failed because no accessible 'New' accepts this number of arguments."

Error first occured while was trying to test demo/sample :

Code Block
Dim db AsNew NorthwindDataContext

Then tried altogther very simple code:

Code Block

Dim s AsNewString

In both the case, receiving same error.

Kinda in hung state, any help!!



hi every one is there any third party component or fuzzy toolbox for visual studio would you help me please i want to do fuzzy multi attribute decision making in a asp.net program.any useful code or sample will be great!


I've a problem with Visual Studio 2008 version 9.0.21022.8 RTM.  The toolbox contains no item (except html tags) when editing a web page. The same bug occurs when editing a windows form application. I tried to repair the installation and reset the toolbox but none of those actions solved the problem. I hadn't this bug with Orcas beta 2...

Here is a screen shot of the problem.

Does someone knows how to correct it ?

Best regards,



I am the beginner and learning C# for multipoint project. I tried to install some of the controls under Multipoint but only Multipoint Textbox and Multipoint Button was added in Multipoint. However for my project I require following items:
KeyDownEvent:Exit Application
Multipoint SDK Imports
XAML NS: Multipoint Controls
Loaded Event:Initialize Multipoint SDK
XAML Maximize Window
FlashUC: Instance
XAMLL WindowsFormsHost
WindowsForms:Integration Import
XAML MS; WindowsFormsIntegration
XAML MultiPointButton
AxShockwave Import
Subscritbe to FlashCell
Loaded Event: InstallationFlashUC
I have tried to drag the following code into the tab of Multipoint:
<mps:MultiPointButton Content="" Visibility="Hidden" Background="Transparent" Name="MultiPointTextButton" Margin="0,0,0,0" />

But it is automatically added to General tab only hence I am seeking forward for any other better way to get above items under Multipoint tag. It would be great pleasure if anyone knows the solution!!

Missing Visual Studio 2010 toolbox items in workflow diagram.
Deleting of toolbox files \AppData\Local\Microsoft\VisualStudio\10.0 and reopen
VS 2010
was not helpful.


I am working on making some changes to an existing application developed in Visual Studio .NET 2003.  If I right-click on the toolbox and select Add/Remove items, I get an error thats says..."Failed to load resources from resource file.  Please  check your Setup."  I click "OK" and Visual Studio closes automatically.  I really need to add some stuff to the toolbox and am wondering if anyone has seen this error before or could provide some direction.


I am trying to develop a website in Visual Studio 2008.  I need to embed the Windows Media Player component.  I have right clicked on the General tab in the toolbox.  I then select choose items.  I go to the COM Components tab and scroll down to windows media player and select the check box.  I then select Ok and close the solution.  From there, I reopen the solution and the windows media player component is not in the General tab of the toolbox.  If I right click on the toolbox and select show all, the windows media player component appears under the General Tab and cannot be dragged on to the form (it is greyed out).   This is an ASP.net website using C#.  What am I doing wrong?  Thanks for your help in advance.

My machine is a Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition.
I am trying to convert an existing project to .NET 4 with Visual Studio 2010 Professional.
All updates and service packs are applied.

My project is a WPF Forms Application.
In the application properites, the Target framework is set to .NET Framework 4

Problem:  I am trying to add a DataGrid, but the DataGrid is missing from the Toolbox!

  1.  Open Toolbox
  2.  Notice that under "All WPF Controls" DataGrid is missing.
  3.  Right-click title bar of "All WPF Controls".
  4.  Select "Choose Items" from menu.
  5.  "Choose Toolbox Items" Dialog box appears.
      Put a check in the DataGrid box.
  6.  Hit OK

At this point the Dialog Box disappears, but the ToolBox menu is not updated.
There is no DataGrid item under "All WPF Controls", and I cannot add it.

Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.



Ok, i've read a ton of various blogs and articles and I cannot get this to work.  I'm spent way to much time.  My toolbox only has the general tab.  I tried adding controls, nothing.  I added a tab for AjaxControltoolkit and when i choose items, even that tab disappears.  When i show all, there it is along with all the other stuff i want, but it is all greyed out.

What is going on?

I've tried the reset, safemode, delete the .tbd files. 

What am I missing???

BTW:  This is a two week old install on a server 2008


I can't seem to get the WrapPanel control to appear in the tool box. Here's the steps I have done:

Right click anywhere in toolbox.

Click Choose Items.

When the dialogue box comes up, click on the WPF tab.

Scroll to the bottom and check the Wrap Panel checkbox.

Click OK.

Nothing seems to happen so I can only assume I'm doing something wrong.

Can anybody help me out?

I am building a Silverlight App with C#.


In Visual Studio 2005 we used to get toolbox items for XML Schemas using which we could add xml elements using the designer. However in Visual Studio 2010 there are no toolbox items for creating a xsd schema. Is there any way in which these items can be imported to the Visual Studio 2010 toolbox? Or am i missing anything on this? Is there any other way other than manually creating xml tags in which the xml elements can be added using the designer?

We are presently finding it very time consuming creating the xml schemas manually without any designer elements when the schemas are quite complex.

Any help on this will be highly appreciated.





I have made a Visual Studio Add-In that works fine (thanks to this thread: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-NZ/vsx/thread/da5d7d40-72e7-4c99-a51a-5b085c696174)

Now, I would like to improve my Add-In:

1/ change dynamically the HTML generated in the file, depending on the existing HTML; for example, if I drop a ToolBoxItem that creates the following HTML:

<div aas:control="ControlName"></div>

I would like the 'ControlName' to be unique in the file, which means the next time to insert:

<div aas:control="ControlName1"></div>

So is there a way to tell VS that this string should be unique and auto-increment-based (something like <div aas:control="ControlName$uniqueidentifier$"></div>) ?

2/ My ToolBoxItem doesn't work properly, when my HTML file is in design mode: if i drop my ToolBoxItem on my design-mode file, the generated HTML is:

&lt;div aas:control=&quot;ControlName&quot;&gt;&lt;/div&gt;</p>

How could I have the same result in design mode than in Source mode ?

And is there a way to add some custom visualisation (through specific CSS ?) of my piece of HTML in the VS Designer ?

Thanks for any help,



     I am using Visual Studio 2010. Suddenly the controls in the Toolbox are not appearing. Only few controls under "Visual Basic Power Pack", "Reporting" are listing out. How to bring back the controls in the toolbox?





Hi Friends,

I have developed a composite control in framework 2.0. I want when I add reference assembly(.dll) of composite control in any other project, it should automatically be added into visual studio toolbox so that I can drag-n-drop it any time. Currently I need to manually add control from Visual Studio > Toolbox > Choose Items.

Any solution?


I am new to Visual Basic 2008 Express edition and have tried to create a first VB Program using an edition I downloaded from Microsoft.

However I cannot access any of the tools in the toolbox that I open after File > New Project > Windows Forms Application > Toolbox

The Toolbox window that opens on the left of the console does not contain any Tools unlike what I have seen in a VB Demo Video.

Probably an error in my downloaded version or I need to do some further downloads of tools etc.

Thanks in advance for any help.



- Specify the kind of extension Isolated shell

- Specify the Visal Studio version (and service pack) that you are using :

Visual Studio 2008

- Specify the Windows version : Windows XP

- Describe accurately the problem : I am adding toolbox items this way at the moment:



staticvoid fillToolbox( IAcfStencil stencil,


Action<IAcfStencilPart> actionStencilProcessed,


IVsToolbox toolbox,


IToolboxService service,


IServiceProvider srvProvider)





var clipboardTemplate = newOleDataObject();


typeof( IAcfStencilPart ), stencilPart );


// Create the array of TBXITEMINFO structures to describe the items we are adding to the toolbox.


var itemInfo = newTBXITEMINFO[1];

itemInfo[0].dwFlags = (




itemInfo[0].bstrText = stencilPart.Name;

itemInfo[0].hBmp =

ControlPaint.CreateHBitmap16Bit( stencilPart.Icon, Color.Magenta );

itemInfo[0].clrTransparent = (

uint)ColorTranslator.ToWin32( Color.Magenta );


toolbox.AddItem( clipboardTemplate, itemInfo, categoryName );

But I saw that it is possible to specify a f1 help keyword by using a ModelingToolBoxItem. But the following code doesn't work:




"DslEditorToolboxItem", // Unique identifier (non-localized) for the toolbox item.


// Position relative to other items in the same toolbox tab.


// Localized display name for the item.


// Image displayed next to the toolbox item.


"DSL Editor ConfigurationToolboxTab", // Unique identifier (non-localized) for the toolbox item tab.


// Localized display name for the toolbox tab.


// F1 help keyword for the toolbox item.


// Localized tooltip text for the toolbox item.


null, // ElementGroupPrototype (data object) representing model element on the toolbox.


newToolboxItemFilterAttribute[] {} // Collection of ToolboxItemFilterAttribute objects that determine visibility of the toolbox item.

), categoryName);


 I don't understand how to create a ElementGroupPrototype.

- Specify the .NET language .C#

- Specify if the problem happens on the developer machine or on the end user machine : developer machine



Using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Version 8.0.50727.42(RTM.050727-4200)

Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0.50727

Installed Edition: Professional

Microsoft Visual C# 200577626-009-0000007-41642

Microsoft Visual C# 2005

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Applications77626-009-0000007-41642

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Applications

Microsoft Visual Web Developer 200577626-009-0000007-41642

Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2005

Toolbox does not display most of the controls

This is even after "Rest Toolbox", "Reset all settings", and "Import selected environment settings".I have also uninstalled and reinstalled three times.

The only way it all shows up is if I do a "Show All"

 Even  then the controls that appear on a group are still greyed out and not selectable.Interestingly enough, when you go to "Choose Items" a given control can show up in the list multiple times. The Textbox control shows up multiple time and still doesn't show up in the list even though one was selected.



I have WPF application and try to add wmp.dll without problem but can't add it Visual Studio toolbox. First I thought something is wrong so I create a new project and copy all cs and xaml files to new directory, added the wmp.dll as a reference and didn't work. Created a blank WPF application and still couldn't add it toolbox. Created a blank windows forms application and YES, I can add it but not to WPF application.

I followed these steps :

add wmp.dll as a reference, open the toolbox and right click on it . Select choose items . When the dialog box opens select the com objects tab and scroll way down the list to windows media player to add it to your toolbox .


So I can add it to windows forms without problem but not to WPF app.


PS:Also adding wmp.dll in system32 don't help. I get Self-registration to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\WMP.DLL failed


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