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toolbox visual C# toolbox not accessible

I have installed Visual C# 2008 on my computer and everything seems to be fine apart from one problem that I can't seem to solve no matter what I do. I was hoping that someone can perhaps help.

The problem is that I try to choose toolbox items (from tools tab) it gives me an error message on the .NET framework components tab...'an error occurred loading this property page'.
Also when I access the properties window through 'view' the properties page seems not to be complete with certain icons not there (such as AZ alphabetical sort, events, categorized etc).
I have tried reinstalling .NET framework(dotnetfx35.exe), updated it, reinstalled C# but absolutely nothing works.

Please give me some advice if possible

Kindest regards


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Answer 1

Sounds like the problems Visual Studio 2005 had sometimes.
Try running the command "devenv /resetskippkgs" or "devenv /setup".


Answer 2

Thanks for te input.

It does however not work. I think the problem is maybe more deep rooted somehow.



Answer 3



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