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Type '' is not defined

To correct this error I use the given help that microsoft provides below and i am still getting the error messages can anyone assist me with the source codes if i send some code snippets?

Check that the type definition and its reference both use the same spelling.

Check that the type definition is accessible to the reference. For example, if the type is in another module and has been declared Private, move the type definition to the referencing module or declare it Public.

If the type is defined, but the object library or type library in which it is defined is not registered in Visual Basic, click Add Reference on the Project menu, and then select the appropriate object library or type library.


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Answer 1

HI Dave,

Please post your code  and someone should be able to assist  you.




Answer 2

Hi David,

Could you please send  your code  snippets ? Thanks.

Best regards,
Alex Liang



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