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Unable to load dll HRESULT: 0x8007007E

I have moved a C# project from Visual Studio 2003 to Visual Studio 2005 Express.

I get the "unable to load dll HRESULT 0x8007007E" error when making a call to an unmanaged dll. This previously worked OK before.

I have tried putting the dll into the bin\debug directory, the windows and system32 directories with no success.

I have also added the debug directory to the environment path variable but still no success.

I have investigated trying to put a dependancy in the project on the dll but can't find a method of achieving this.

I have also tried running the application and the dll outside of the IDE in the same directory and it still can't find the dll.

Is there a difference in the way Framework 2.0 loads unmanged dlls compared to 1.1?

Additional information. I have both 1.1 and 2.0 Frameworks installed. The project still works in Visual Studio 2003.

Any help would be appreciated.




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Answer 1

The DLL might itself require some other DLL.  In case of doubt, use Dependency Walker...


Answer 2


Its not until somebody says something blindingly obvious that a light bulb switches on.



Answer 3

I had the same issue before. You have to check two choices...

1- You location isn't correct
2 - You have dependencies. Maybe in your Visual Studio 2003 you had another path within your project  path. Check them to see what it is. Some folder is included you need to find which.

Take a look at http://www.dependencywalker.com/ and you can see if your dll  requires another dll.

Answer 4


I'm looking for a solution for a same kind of problem.

I have a visual  studio 2005 vb-service which make use of multiple dlls.

These dlls exist in two versions: say unicode and not unicode.

The difference in a pair of dlls is made by build configurations in visual studio  6.

Some of this dlls have dependencies on other ones.

However, my unicode dll  still has dependencies with some non-unicode ones where it depends on.

And this generates an error in my service ( Unable to load  dll ... )

I have checked all the settings in my project  and even make some changes in the dsp-file but still it gives the same error.

Can someone give my an advice that brings me closer to a breakthrough?

Thanks in advance.


Answer 6

I'm problem with my WINDOWS XP PROFESSIONAL SP2- in OPEN the Windows, see a message:

your SQLServer Installation is either corrupt or has been tampered with (Unable to Load SQLBOOT.DLL)  HRESULT 0x8007007e  please uninstall then re-run setup to correct this problem.






Answer 7

Hi All,

Could you Please confirm ---You have the SQL server in it but it is faling to start the SQL serverand Logging the error Unable to Load SQLBOOT.DLL


Try to copy the SQLBOOT.DLL from your SQL serverInstallation kit and Paste to the

following location "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Binn     "


Seems the SQLBOOT.DLL is missed or corrupted do the aboce steps as I mentioned and try to start it.


Thanks and Regards,




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