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Unable to upload multiple documents to a new document library in SharePoint 2010 'OK' button not wor

I have done a SharePoint 2010 Upgrade from 2007 using the backup and attach content database method. After upgrading the content database and attaching it to our SP 2010 web application we found that we cannot upload multiple files in a new document library. The 'OK' button does not do anything when it is clicked. This is the same issue that happened in 2007, which the 'hot fix' fixed.


In SharePoint 2010 using the previous UI and a SharePoint team sites site collection.

Create a new document library (Only happens if it is a new document library. If it is an old document library the 'OK' button work as desired).

In the documement library; Upload; Upload Multiple Documents.

The active x upload control loads with a document tree where I can choose files to upload and I select a file.

When I click the 'OK' button, nothing happens. The cancel button works but the 'OK' button does not.

Has anyone else seen this in SharePoint 2010 using the previous UI?

In the 2007 environment I am able to upload multiple documents correctly. This happens on multiple machines and Office 2007 is installed on the client machines.

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