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Unable to upload multiple documents to a new document library in SharePoint 2010 'OK' button not wor

I have done a SharePoint 2010 Upgrade from 2007 using the backup and attach content database method. After upgrading the content database and attaching it to our SP 2010 web application we found that we cannot upload multiple files in a new document library. The 'OK' button does not do anything when it is clicked. This is the same issue that happened in 2007, which the 'hot fix' fixed.


In SharePoint 2010 using the previous UI and a SharePoint team sites site collection.

Create a new document library (Only happens if it is a new document library. If it is an old document library the 'OK' button work as desired).

In the documement library; Upload; Upload Multiple Documents.

The active x upload control loads with a document tree where I can choose files to upload and I select a file.

When I click the 'OK' button, nothing happens. The cancel button works but the 'OK' button does not.

Has anyone else seen this in SharePoint 2010 using the previous UI?

In the 2007 environment I am able to upload multiple documents correctly. This happens on multiple machines and Office 2007 is installed on the client machines.


Is there a way to upload documents to an SP 2010 document library with Custom Actions or Workflows?  I have a requirement of taking the contents of several directories (older data files) and uploading them to Sharepoint.  Not sure which actions actually perform this operation.  Any help most greatly appreciated.


Our environment is Sharepoint 2010, with a web application created (and site collection on top), using claims based authentication.  The first site is using port 881.  It is using integrated windows authentication.  Another web application is created, extending the first application, using port 882.  This site is using Forms Based Authentication, the membership provider is System.Web.Security.ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider, named admembers.  I have turned off Client Integration on both sites.

When I login to the 881 site, on my corporate network, logged into the machine with the same domain account that SharePoint uses, I can open an Office file saved in a document library, and it subsequently opens in the appropriate Office application, without asking me login again.  But, If I login to SharePoint from a computer that is not on our network, or login to the computer with an account that is not a domain account, I get prompted again to login when opening an Office document.  If I choose the option to save, it does not prompt, but if I choose open in the dialog window, I am forced to enter my domain credentials again.

When I login to the 882 site, which uses FBA, I experience the same problem.  If I open an Office document, the appropriate Office application opens, and asks me for my credentials, by showing me a dialog window with the sign in page loaded.  If I choose to save the file, then I am not prompted to login, and the file saves to a local folder.

I can't expect my users that are off site to login again every time they open an Office document, like Work, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.  I have tried numerous fixes, including disabling client integration, changing the browser handling mode (strict/permissive), changing internet explorer settings (for integrated windows authentication), changing the integrated windows authentication site to use basic authentication, even hacking the page using jquery to call the sharepoint javascript function that execute the "download a copy" function.  None of them work: when choosing to "open" the Office document in the browser, the user has to login again, or just close the dialog window without logging in (as long as client integration for the zone is turned off).

I'm looking to get this accomplished using windows authentication or forms based authentication.




HI All,

I have a requirement to have a single MOSS Document library with NO UPLOAD Function at all - just the NEW button. Any Ideas how I accomplish this? I am not a developer so simpler the better - Many Thanks for help!


Unable to apply publishing feature on a PDF file uploaded in a SharePoint 2007 document library
Hi All,

i have a document library, in which i want to restrict the upload size to only 2MB. can any one suggest/post the code how to do it.

I dont want to change the settings for total sharepoint portal.

i tried using itemadding event handler. when i am accessing properties.ListItem it is giving object reference not found error.

thank you,


When iam uploading a document into document library using sharepoint  2007 , object model iam getting the following error.

{Unable to evaluate expression because the code is optimized or a native frame is on top of the call stack.}

Initially the user  is having the read only permissions for the site , but  for that particular document library i have given full permission. Following is the code iam using for uploading documents:iam Getting error in the third line. Iam not getting the error for the administrator user




 SPWeb changeManageWeb = SPContext.Current.Web;
                                    changeManageWeb.AllowUnsafeUpdates = true;
                                    SPFolder myLibrary = changeManageWeb.Folders[documentLibraryName];
                                    String fileName = System.IO.Path.GetFileName(_fileToUpload);
                                    FileStream fileStream = File.OpenRead(_fileToUpload);

                                    SPFile spfile = myLibrary.Files.Add(fileName, fileStream, documentLibraryNameColumns, _replaceExistingFiles);

myLibrary.Update();changeManageWeb.AllowUnsafeUpdates = false;




I have a document library.  When the user click on the upload, I want to display an entry form that have: Name, description, keywords and file with the browse button. All those fields should be on the same page. 

The problem is that by default when the user click on upload button, it get redirected to _layouts/Upload.aspx which ask the user to browse for the document, when he click ok, it is redirected to Forms/EditForm.aspx to provide the Name, description and keywords field. 

My client do not want to have two pages, he just want to enter and upload the file all in one page.

Any ideas how can I accomplish this?

Thank you,




I am using multiple threads to upload files to same or different libraries in sharepoint 2010 from my win application using client object model. I am sometimes getting following errors(sometimes the files are getting uploaded successfully):
1. Cannot invoke HTTP DAV request. There is a pending query.
2. The remote server returned an error: (409) Conflict.

The code i am using to upload files is:-

using (FileStream fileStream = new FileStream(sharedPath, FileMode.Open))
Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.File.SaveBinaryDirect(clientContext, targetUrl, fileStream, true);

I am using various jobs to upload simultaneously using the above code and using delegate.BeginInvoke code to achieve multithreading. Sometimes the code runs successfully and at other times it gives above two errors. The behavious is too random.

Can you please let me know the root cause for these and any workaround possible for these issues?

Thanks in advance.



I'm trying to publish an Excel 2010 workbook from Excel to a SharePoint library and I'm getting the following message:

"you are required to sign in to upload your changes to this location" (in Excel 2010).

Whatever kind of content the workbook has, Excel refuses to upload it.

I'm using kerberos authentication (i didn't face the proble when using NTLM).

Instead, if I publish the workbook as PDF, everything works perfectly.

Hope someone can help.


Thanks in advanced,




Hi friends

I got a small problem i.e i am sending my emails to sharepoint document library.When i opende(.eml file) its asking save and cancel options.I need open button or open in new window.How could i enable open button.


Can any one help.......?





Dear sir , 

I have SharePoint Server 2010 I want to known Where SharePoint Store Documents at database or at physical path at my server ??? please advise .thanks 


We have a public facing SharePoint 2010 Document Center site that hosts thousands of documents within a Document Library.  Our entire SharePoint 2010 Document Center (including the Document Library) is setup for anonymous access with read only rights.


When anonymous users click on an Office Document the document opens using the Office Web App (when applicable) however, when the user opens the document in Office they are prompted for login information.


The following article explains the situation perfectly but the resolution does not work:  http://www.uv.mx/personal/gvera/2010/09/28/sharepoint-login-prompt-when-accessing-files-in-a-document-library/


Has anyone else experienced the same issue?  Is there a fix?


Thank you


Basically my requirement is, i have to read below querystring values like Projid, taskid and itemid when i click on "New" link in the document library.


I tried to read using itemAddding and Itemadded event receivers but i could not suceeded.

Thanks in Advance.






I created a document library and I did add some word documents. The documents were created in word 2003 in .doc format. So I changed .doc to .docx format. I am presently using office 2010 trial version. When I try to open the documents from the doc library I get the following error:

Word experienced an error trying to open the file.

Try these suggestions

* Check the file permissions for the document or the drive

* Make sure that there is sufficient free memory and disk space

* Open the file with text recovery converter

I m signing in as the administrator and I have loads of space.

Please suggest the solutions.


Hi All,

I have installed testing environment of SharePoint 2010 on my local machine, I have installed Windows Server 2008 R2, Installed SQL Server 2008 R2, Configured AD on same system, and installed standalone SharePoint 2010 Server installation on same machine, now I am configuring AD-RMS on same machine, for AD-RMS I have added new role, and provided all proper information which required, and finally from Central Administration, I have enabled the AD-RMS for my SharePoint server from Security section, All thing done well.

Now the problem is that when I am going to enable RMS for my document library, and then click to link on document, then system gives an error "Could not open file .... .docx" make sure the path is correct etc. When I disable the document library then download and clicking on link works fine, can any body help me in this regards, that what is the problem here???


Thanks & Regards,

Muhammad Kamran Khatri. 


I have a document Library where when I upload a document I added "ItemAdding" handler to check if the "Name" alreadys exists and if it does then throw an error.

When I did that I realized that if I try to upload the document with the same Name then it doesn't fire ItemAdding rather it firest ItemUpdating Event. So I added code to check if file exists in there as well.

Here is where I am stuck

Now when I upload a document. ItemAdding is fired then when SharePoint ask me to provide Name ( because is the required field) then ItemUpdating fires and therefore I always get "File Exists".


How can I fix that?


I have one team site with a shared document library. I have multiple teamsites underneath, but they all have thier own shared document lib. I want to insert/use the master (parent) library and control what each site see utilizing views. But everytime I add a shared doc webpart, its a new one, not the master.

How can I do this?

Hi there,

I've the following in a test bed:

SharePoint 2010 on Windows 2008 R2 Sharepoint Designer 2010 x64 Infopath 2010 x64

I want to create a form called Employee Information which will be filled in/modified by HR whenever a change occurs.

I want the information she types in these fields be stored on a database (not a priority) I want the view 2 of the form (which is a report style page containing information from the edit view) to be submitted to the document library. If the default view can be changed to this one during posting to the document library, that's fine) I want the basic information such as Full Name, Title, Department, Designation, Phone and e-Mail to be posted in Employee List Library in IT Security Site I want identity information such as Passport No, Nationality, Grade, Qualification, etc. to be posted on Employee List Library in HR Site Any changes to the original form should automatically reflect on these different lists and libraries All these should be possible without writing code ;-)

please let me know the key points I should consider for this to happen.

Thank you



hi everyone,


i have created one infopath form2007 and when i am trying to publish it to sharepoint site its giving me error saying that " cannot find the site or make sure you have the right permission". i have checked with all settings in central admin everything related to form services are activated. i have done full trust settings in infopath ,i have logged in as administratot onlyalso, but still unable to publish. i searched in net i followed all the steps and everything still my problem is not solved. kindly send me the solution. from past one week i am struggling with this problem.


thanks & regards,




Hi All,

I have a requirement to hide the UPLOAD button on a single MOSS document library. Basically the users must use the NEW so they are forced to use the template which the library points to. Any Ideas?  I am not a developer so the simpler the better! 



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