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Visual Basic 2010 Express Open File/Project problem

I have just installed the VBE 2010 version alongside the 2008 versions. When I get to the Start Page in VB, clicking on "Open Project" does nothing. Going to File > Open Project, does nothing and going to File > Open File does nothing. Which means I have no way of getting a project (or file) into VBE 2010. Is there anyone else with the same problem, and hopefully, a fix?

It also appears that C# suffers the exact same problem.



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Answer 1



Try to uninstall or repair the program..........by going in to the control panel select VB 2010 uninstall and follow the instructions to repair or uninstall. Also I would recommended  Un-installing 2008 it is better just to keep one version not two you get enough problems when you have a lot fo these programs since they use .net framework and rest.......


Hope it helps



Answer 2

Hi Asim,
I normally do uninstall the old version, but I don't think all the resources I use for my XNA projects (such as the Sunburn rendering engine) are fully compatible with XNA 4 yet. So I need the 2008 version for XNA 3, but wanted to try 2010 to see what they had added to C# and VB.

I'll try installing it into my secondary boot option, that way I can have a look and not affect my existing installation.

Thanks for the help though.


Answer 3

Both versions can exist together I have both installed and have no problems with either .

Answer 4



Is this happening now OR when you set up VS(i.e., from the start) ??




Answer 5

It installs fine, with no errors, but when I try and open  a project or file, no dialog box is shown... That's in both VB and C#. I installed it in my XP boot and it works fine in there. The place I am having problems is in my Win 7 64-bit boot, which is where VS2008 is installed.

Answer 6


You are not able to run Visual studio after installing it on Windows 7. 

Suggesting that you run it in compatibility mode.
Right click on Application shortcut |Properties | Compatibility Tab

Check Run this program in compatibility mode for and select XP or other Vista from the list.

If that doesn’t work try to launch the visual studio with Safemode

Start | Run |

<Path>/Devenv.exe /safemode

Hope this helps



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