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Visual C#.net using configuration files

Note: I asked this questions to C# language and Windows forms and this questions has been moved around.

Right now I do not have answer to this question. Does any one in this news group have an answer to this question:

I have a question(s) about the configuration setting for a C#.net 2008 application:

1. In C#.net 2008 windows form application, I just got an application that has lots of ways to
run the application and and 5 different configuration setting (debug, debug-test, debug-dev,
debug-production,release, and all configuration settings). In this application all the
configuation settings are in one project. To run the application in debug mode, it had an error
since it was looking for a configuration file located in the bin/debug-test.
  Thus to get the application to run, I just created the config file it as looking and placed the
config file in the bin/debug-test folder?
   Is there an easier way to test this application than for me to just place the config file in the
correct directory path?
2. When I was able to debug the code, I had to set my compile options to X86 since I am debugging
with a 64-bit work station. When this occurred, the directory structure to created an extra  folder
called X86.
The folder structure changed to look like the following:
bin/X86/debug-test. When this occurred, I lost the compile options mentioned previously of 
(debug, debug-test, debug-dev,debug-production,release, and all configuration settings).
This is probably due to the extra X86 file that was created. The compile options return
to the defaults of debug and release. Thus can you tell me how to be able to keep my original
compile options?



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