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Visual Studio 2010 and Wow64GetThreadContext and WOW64_CONTEXT -- possible SDK bug?

I'm writing a debugger application of sorts, and I need to be able to get a 64-bit application's thread's context, and MSDN documentation is telling me that I should be using Wow64GetThreadContext.

Now, this is all fine and dandy, except when I try to use it on a 64-bit process from a 32-bit application, it fails with "The parameter is incorrect"(error 87). I am using it in the exact same way as I use the 32-bit equivalent to get the context of a 32-bit thread, which works fine. 

What is really strange is that when I look at the definition for WOW64_CONTEXT in WinNT.h, it is almost completely equivalent to the 32-bit version. It has no 64-bit registers, and the only difference is the last line: 


In CONTEXT, but 


in 64-bit. 

Another thing that is really, really strange is that when I try to compile the application as 64-bit, the portion of my code that deals with 32-bit processes gives me this error: 

Error1 error C2039: 'Eip' : is not a member of '_CONTEXT' C:\...\project.cpp228

If I then proceed to find "Go to definition" of CONTEXT(which is _CONTEXT) the very first thing I see is the "Eip" member.
And one oddity on top of all the others is the fact that in WinNT.h there is actually a CONTEXT definition containing all the 64-bit registers that I need, but whatever #ifdef that seems to 'disable' it never seems to enable it regardless of whether I compile as 64-bit or not. 
The documentation suggests I can freely use the Wow64GetThreadContext to retrieve the context of a 64-bit application from a 32-bit application. 

What is going on here? This really seems like a big bug in the SDK and I would really appreciate an explanation as I cannot continue onwards until I can resolve this problem. 

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