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Hi all

Is it possible to open a ms office file (mainly doc or xls) in a web browser control in vb.net.

I used 

mybrowser.Navigate(filepath) \\filepath include path and name of file (c:\mydoc.doc)


but it open a dialog box in which I have choices for (save ,open and cancel)


1)save : save the document

2)Open : opens the Doc in a new office document (excel or word)

3 )cancel : cancel it


But I want to open it inside the browser not in the different window or different document window


Thanks to all



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Answer 2

thanks but I already visited The link  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/304643/

It is creating the same problem.

not opening the document  in the browser  but in another file  for it


Answer 3

If you read the link toward the end, you will see where it said that you cannot open  office2007 file  with webbrowser. So you might have to consider using ActiveX to host it



Answer 4

Thanks for  reply

yes I read it.

Currently I m using ms office  2003.

I also checked in open  office. but same results.


Answer 5

Hi bahushekh,

Please check the following article to see what to consider when you use the WebBrowser control  in the Microsoft Office 2003 programs and in earlier versions of Office.(At the bottom of that article)


Best regards,
Alex Liang

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