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Webcam capture problems

I recently wanted to start learning how to integrate web cam devices to vb applications.

I have my program working but there is only one problem :(

For some reason my application requires me to start a separate webcam application to get the camera to output video into my picture box.

So what I have been doing is starting webcammax(the application I usually use to record my camera) then I start debugging my application.

At this pint the picturebox on my form shows up green, then I close webcammax and the camera begins to feed to my application.

My question is, how do I make it so the application starts my web cam automatically?


I would also like to make it so the application will automatically detect my webcam so I don't have to select it every time I run my application.


Here is a link to my source code.



Any help would be appreciated :)


Thanks in advance.


Jai Brown.


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Answer 1

i think you should try wia(window image acquisition) library for capturing images frm webcam  in vb


search it on google you will find many solution



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