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what's wrong with my MSN?

I couldn't say that my MSN account has been hacked, because I still can sign in & out and sending & receiving emails. The issue is my friends on MSN are continually getting some funny stuff that been sent out from me which obviously I didn't. I wasn't even online. 

Is anybody know what's going on with my MSN? Any solution to solve this problem? 

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Hi stilista,

  You need to scan your computer with an updated antivirus program. It is possible that your msn  applications have been hit with a virus, known as the msn virus. Please see info in link.




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Answer 2

I couldn't say that my msn  account has been hacked, because I still can sign  in & out and sending  & receiving emails. The issue  is my friends  on MSN are continually getting some funny  stuff that been sent out from me which obviously I didn't. I wasn't even online. 

Is anybody know what's going on with my MSN? Any solution  to solve  this problem? 

I have a similar problem, for the past two weeks i cannot access my peronsal homepage at my.msn.com.  while the top banner and footer appear, there is no content inbetween, just the message "
Your request could not be processed at this time, please refresh this page or try again later.
Have tried to access from multiple computers with the same issue.  Occasionally I can "trick" the system into showing most of my personal content, but as soon as I hit refresh I get the error message again.  I use Norton Internet Security 2009 and constantly do updates and also use Spybot search and destroy.

Have reported this issue through the feedback link several times with no response...come on Bill, tell your people to get on the stick or I may need to find another portal.

I don't use messenger, just hotmail.


Boa tarde!!!

Este é meu primeiro contato com esta ferramenta.

Estou tentando fazer o esquema de atendimento online (apenas para testes), achei como se faz no Linhadecódigo, só que não sei como se cria um "executável" do arquivo aspx, pois, não vou armazenar em site e sim trabalhar apenas com este "executável".



can any body help me how to add a new item in msn tab bar.

Hi there,


i am using msn mobile on a smartphone with internet... i was wondering though, is it possible to view my msn traffic on my phone bill?

Just wondering does anybody know when i try to sign into msn it dosent work but then if i quit and restart it.It does work any suggestion would be nice

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I have MSN Messenger 7.0 (because my computer only has Windows ME) and my sister has Windows Live Messenger.  We can chat on line but we can not use the audio portion to hear each other speak.  We could use the audio when we both had MSN Messenger but now that she upgraded to Windows Live we can no longer connect the audio portion.  Does anyone know why?
Have been trying for hours now to get my e-mail - I'm told there are connection problems. Then there's an error message.  I can't get hotmail, can't get MSN mail - it's 1 a.m. Pacific time Thurs. a.m. -- anyone else going through this?


Running XP Pro SP3. I have 2 questions:

My MSN messenger's "Call to Computer" doesn't work indicating it's an old version. I upgraded and it seems that it installed a new version but still doesn't work. Now I have 2 versions of the messenger. How can I remove all versions of MSN messenger and install a most up to date messenger so to see if its "call" works?

- How does the messenger's "call" to phone from computer works?



ok well basically ive downloaded the newest msn (vesrsion 14.0.8050.1202) and it wont sign me in.

if i go to options > connectivity - it has the message: You are currently not connected to .NET messenger service.

and i have no idea what to do.

i tried uninstalling/reinstalling/redownloading it, no luck,
i tried version 4.7 (4.7.3001) and that works fine.

when i click sign in, i just get a message like the error report send to microsoft.

it says something like

windows live communications platform has encounted a provlem and needs to close.

please help <3
I am trying to fix MSN and I removed the programs and downloaded a new version. When I try to execute the download file I get an error message that reads "this application has tried to close Runtime in a unusual way" I have used the Microsoft runtime Fix and reset the registries but, I still get the same error message. Anyone know how I can get past this?

Ok so here's the deal....  Every time I sign into msn messenger, it mainly just sits there and I sometimes click in the "What's New" area and I am taken to my new windows live social networking page.  Now.... while this is very cool and interesting, the last thing I really want to do is have a browser open and dedicated to just this thing, and so an idea crossed my mind.

There *should* be a tab system in messenger.  One tab dedicated to messaging people that says "Messenger", one tab that says "email", and has a collapsible left slide-out folder index, but shows the main section as emails (scrollable of course), and one tab that says "Live Social" or something to that nature, which would basically be a framed version of what I see in my live profile.  There is lack of integration concerning these new additions.  Why share info about MSN messenger, but have a different profile picture than that of Messenger?.... ftw.

I would recommend developers use ajax technology framed within mini browsers to accomplish these concepts.  Mainly because you could have live updating of e-mail, MSN Live, and wtf else ever while you were on messenger.

Now, considering you wrote an actual MSN Api for this integration, you could also have a "add" button where people could add custom tabs holding other feeds Messenger  supported.  You'd of course be using XML for the management of this info.

I created a graphic representation for developers to consider if it tickles their fancy.


Is it true that MSN Groups are changing to Live Groups?

My msn is not working whenever i go to sing in to it 


When i open msn and type in my email address and password then click sign in it comes up with a box that says 

We cant sign you in to  Windows Live Messenger 

signing in to Windows Live Messenger failed because the service is temporarily unavailabe please try again later and says get more info or cancel or try again this has been happing for the past couple of months 

Does anyone know why its doing it and how i can fix it ? Please help me 

For at least 2 weeks, I haven't been able to get into My MSN. I keep getting this:
Your request could not be processed at this time, please refresh this page or try again later.
Also, the page looks strange, the Bing Search engine appears, but it only shows the tops of the words in it.

Nothing happens when I refresh the page, and it won't even let me login; if I do manage to get to a login page, nothing happens after I sign in.  I use Windows Live Email which seems to come onto my computer ok, but I can't get onto the My MSN page at all to do anything. I have Windows XP, use Mozilla Firefox 3.5.4

Can somebody help me??


My primary MSN email got locked due to technical error on my computer. since we attempted so many times it got locked and we forgot some secruity questions answers as well, such as address , the postal code etc as its been so many years and we can't remember the postal code we gave when we developed this account. This email is one of our significant account and we have all our importnat information in it. Now my husband is overseas and his ticket info is in it and I couldnt' open the email. I need some help. I tried to login through msn and it didnt' work. You should have some way of getting access to this account with an IP address that we been using for few years or the power to sign in through messenger etc . I need some help to recover my email which is ***redacted***.





Classic asp and "Live Service - MSN Contact List" I want to receive data. "Live service" is not about the classic asp example I can not find the solution. I'm getting the error code, error description could not reach the solution, but it still researched. I wonder where I would make mistakes. 

Sample code and error output ... 



ConsentToken = URLDecode(Request("ConsentToken"))
deltData = Split(ConsentToken,"=")
lidData = Split(ConsentToken,"=")
delt = Replace(deltData(1),"&skey","")
lid = lidData(5)

Set xmlHTTP = Server.CreateObject("MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP")
xmlHTTP.open "GET", "https://livecontacts.services.live.com/users/@L@"& lid &"/rest/LiveContacts/Contacts", false, "","utf-8"
        xmlHTTP.setRequestHeader "Content-Type", "application/xml; charset=utf-8"
        xmlHTTP.SetRequestHeader "Authorization", "DelegatedToken dt="& delt &""

        strStatus = xmlHTTP.Status
statusText = xmlHTTP.statusText


4 (status)

'Error Codes.



The caller is not authorized to perform this action on the target address book.



Invalid CallerID, Missing CallerID value or the Family Safety Assertion failed.


Problem Event Name: APPCRASH

Application Name: msnmsgr.exe

Application Version: 14.0.8064.206

Application Timestamp: 498cf586

Fault Module Name: MsnIMToolbar.dll

Fault Module Version:

Fault Module Timestamp: 478f7d9f

Exception Code: c0000005

Exception Offset: 000097e9

OS Version: 6.0.6000.

Locale ID: 2057

Every time I try to send a text to my msn the msn crash and I need to now why???


is anyone working on trying to get our own avator to walk around  the background  and read the text typed live into msn messanger ?

if not where or how would i start writting such a script?


Every few days the non-paged pool on our Windows 2008 Terminal Server is exhausted with poolmon.exe showing the memory has been allocated against tag FDRo. I've searched the drivers folder and found the tag exists in SYSTRACE.SYS which appears to be part of the Software Certification Toolkit. The toolkit has been uninstalled but the driver remains. Is it ok to manually uninstall the driver or could it be in use by something else?
I am appearing as offline to one of my contacts, X. I realised this in my iphone MSN, it reads, "You're appearing offline to this person. To send them a message, you'll first need to go to Messenger on your PC and appear online to them."

X is not in my block-list. the iphone MSN will prompt the following message for blocked contacts, "You can't chat with this person because you blocked them. To unblock them, user Messenger on a PC."

I think i remembered setting my status as offline to X on my PC, I cannot remember the version of MSN was I using. Now that I have upgraded my MSN to MSN plus, I cannot find that function to customise my status to a specific contact, so i remain as appearing offline to X and I can't send X messages...

Can you help tell me:
1) how to remove this status customization; or
2) check what was the previous version of MSN I was using; or
3) which version of MSN allows status customization.

thank you very much in advance.
Hey Everyone

I was talking with a friend and spelt the word "one" wrong, so when i wanted to correct myself, i typed "*one"

then this emoticon came up that said "I'm"

Wondering if anyone else found some secret emoticons like this one

Oh and i'm using msn



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