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why we have pointer for each tab in toolbox?

For every tab as first control in tab,we have "pointer".

what is the use of that?

why we have it each tab?

why we have it first in every tab?

Thanks in advance


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Answer 1

The "pointer control" is just a usability feature from long ago.  All it really does is to not select any control, i.e. return you to just the regular mouse pointer.  It's included in every category, so that it always shows if you're using the Toolbox. 


Answer 2

what is the use of this control?

how can i use it  in my application?


Answer 3

It is not a control.  It simply clears the current selection in the Toolbox. 


Answer 4

first of all thanks to your replies

1)it is not a control. it's clear.

2)"It simply clears the current selection in the Toolbox"

what is the meaning for the above statement your posted.

if i drag and drop "TextBox" from tool box what this pointer  will do at that point.

will it perform any operation internally.


Answer 5

It will not do anything. 


Answer 6

what is the use of that?

It clears the current selection of the control  in category corresponding to that pointer. If you select LinkButton and hit enter, control will be automatically added to the form. Ponter helps to prevent that kind of accidental insertion of control.



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