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Windows CardSpace has encountered an error and is shutting down

Whenever I click on the "save" button in CardSpace, to save a new or edited card I get this message:

Windows CardSpace has encountered an error and is shutting down

and CardSpace shuts down. Nothing at all is logged to the Event Viewer. This happens with the latest (December 12 2006) .NET 3.0 running on XP. Uninstalling and reinstalling .NET has no effect. Deleting all the cards has no effect. Deleting the Application Data\Microsoft\CardSpace folder has no effect.

However, despite this symptom, the card I was editing does get saved. But when I try to use any card, CardSpace crashes in exactly the same way -- immediately after CardSpace fetches the security policy from the STS, and before any attempt is made to ask the STS for the token. This crash is more nasty, leaving me in the CardSpace desktop with a blank screen. I have to use CTRL-ALT-DEL and invoke the task manager to get the normal desktop to reappear. Plus of course my login fails because CardSpace didn't fetch any token from the STS.

This has only started happening since I upgraded to the December 12 .NET. Before this, I was using the release candidate and everything was fine. Can someone help please? I am dead in the water here.


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Answer 1

I installed .NET 3 on a second XP machine, and CardSpace worked just fine on it... for less than a day. Now it's showing exactly the same symptoms as the first machine. There seems to be something seriously broken in CardSpace -- is anyone from Microsoft reading this thread? I now have two messed up machines, and I have NO way to fix the problem. Somebody please help!

Answer 2

Although it's not quite the same message, I'm also having serious issues with Cardspace - if I try to add, delete or edit a card, I get an "exception that could not be handled" error  message and Cardspace crashses.

Answer 3

I've got exactly the same issue on WinXP Pro SP2 with Office 2007 Ent and VS2005 Team Suite installed.

Answer 4

Given the catastrophic effects of this problem (CardSpace permanently broken, only known fix is to reinstall Windows), and given that I am not the only one experiencing this, I am puzzled at the silence from Microsoft. What's up guys? If you can't fix or reproduce this problem, fine -- but at least let us know someone is paying attention.

Answer 5

Hi Don,

Sorry about the delayed response.  My best guess is that you are hitting a know bug in CardSpace , which is consistent with what you are seeing.  Basically, if CardSpace fails to write to the event  log it treats it as a fatal error  and crashes.  The most common cause of this is a full log.  Could you try increasing the maximum size of your event log or set ‘overwrite events as needed’?

Let me know how it goes.


Answer 6

Making more space in the event  log solves the problem all right.
Thanks Caleb!

Answer 7

Tech Staff: I have been suffering the same problem with the error  message "Windows CardSpace has stopped working and has closed" for three days now. I have an HP dv9820us running Win Vista SP2, on a Cisco/Linksys WRT160N v2 router, 4GB RAM, NIS 2009, ZA Extreme Security 2010. The error window appears on average every five minutes, though not consistently. I keep Windows Upgrade up-to-date, as well as updates to NIS 2009 and ZA Extreme Security. Coincidentally, I have been experiencing email problems (garbled messages, both on receive and send) in my MS Outlook 2003. Where does one find the Windows CardSpace program? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Bruce (email: EMAIL REMOVED) P.S. I corrected the error message  content.


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