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Word 2007/2010 blinks/flashes in taskbar when opening another document from within Internet Explorer

We migrated from Office 2003 to Office 2007.

Now we are experiencing some troubles with alot of users complaining.
When there is a winword.exe open and want to open another Word document
from our Intranet website which they browse with Internet Explorer,
it looks like winword.exe freezes for a second, then the one already
open starts blinking and the newly opened IE stays blank until the user
clicks on the taskbar of the already opened winword instance.

Steps te reproduce:
1) open winword.exe
2) browse to http://med.hro.nl/arerr/office2007/ (with IE)
3) clik on either test.doc or test.docx
4) notice the behavior described above

This happens only with Word, so Excel etc is not affected, and it
happens with both Office 2007 and Office 2010 versions of word.
(On Windows XP SP3)

The "funny" thing about this is that we had the same problem a while
back with Word from Office 2003, this was caused by winword.exe
(11.0.8227.0) that came with KB954464, but that was later resolved with
another update of winword.exe for Office 2003 that came later.

So i hope we can solve this issue for Office 2007/2010 with a new
hotfix aswel.

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