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WPF: MouseDown is not triggered with WACOM stylus to click the most right-edge screen.

Anyone knows is this a bug of WPF?

1. Move WPF window to the right-edge screen. (half exceed the screen)

2. Click the most right-edge position of screen with WACOM stylus or touch device. (x=1919 when screen resolution is 1920x1080)

3. No MouseDown triggered with WACOM stylus or Touch device, but can be triggered with mice.


ps. The same scenario(WACOM stylus), WM_LBUTTONDOWN can be intercepted with hooked window procedure.



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Answer 1

I'm not aware of this as a known issue and these scenarios were tested when the Tablet devices were Logo'd.  Perhaps you need to recalibrate your device?  Go to the "Pen Tablet Properties" in the control panel and calibrate and also make sure you have the "handedness" set up from the Pen and Touch control panel.



Answer 2

Hi gclassy,

Thanks for your reply.

I don't think it is a calibration issue, since the WPF window does capture WM_LBUTTONDOWN  (lParam=(1919, any)) but not capture MouseDown event when I click the right-most edge of screen, while Mouse can be captured both WM_LBUTTONDOWN and MouseDown event.

When I click the the rightmost position minus one (x=1918, y=any) with WACOM, both WM_LBUTTONDOWN and MouseDown can be captured by WPF window.


(ps. The window is set to maximize state and the screen resolution is 1920x1080)




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