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writing messages to textBox

i have created a windows form application which includes a from and a class .

the form include a textBox to whom i'm writing messages through some process.

Form1.cs looks someting like this -



delegatevoidsetStatusCallBack(String str);


publicvoid setStatus(String str)


txtControl.Text = 



private void someMethod()




Class1 cls=new Class1();




and Class1 looks like-

class Class1



privatesetStatusCallBack callback;

public void OtherMethod()

{ //doing something

callback("some message");



the problem is that all the messages appears in the textBox after the application finish to do everything.

i wan't the messages to appears through the process.

meaning i want first thing to see the message "start." and the the application to do it's work and only then to see "some message".

how can  i do that? why it's not working as it is?

thanks in advance. 


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Answer 1

Welcome to MSDN Forums.

You can use Application.DoEvents (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.windows.forms.application.doevents.aspx) whenever you need to refresh GUI.




Answer 2

I am not very sure about this but can you try this:




txtControl.Text = 





Answer 3

thanks , it's working now

Answer 4

You are most welcome :)

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